Retargeting with ad4mat® retargeting: ad4mat® retargeting

With ad4mat® retargeting you as advertiser will catch potential customers, that interrupted order flow on your website as well as potential re-buyers.

Take the opportunity to convince again those users well-directed with product or service offers on premium and reach-portals.
ad4mat® retargeting works on pure CPO/ CPL basis and convinces by above-average ROI (Return on Investment) and also excellent click and conversion rates.


As soon as a user informs himself on your website on offers and products he will be marked by ad4mat® with "Cookies". Thereby it will be considered which product offers the user clicked or if he only visited your home page or stayed in a product category.
With this it will be possible to address users later well-directed and individually on ad spaces within all websites of the ad4mat®network by avoiding waste coverage.

ad4mat® retargeting ad content will be displayed dynamically in the ad media depending on the place/step at which a user before left your website.
Due to this user specific addressing click rates and conversion rates can be increased significantly.
Of course we will offer to you the possibility to influence the way of addressing in the ad4mat® banner yourself or together with us. We recommend among others a usage of “Original Purchaser” vouchers.

Your advantages with ad4mat®retargeting:

Using ad4mat® retargeting potential customers that could not yet decide for a product or potential re-buyers will be lead back to your website. We from ad4mat® do know exactly when and what a potential user has look at on your website. So we are able even over a longer period of time to create new interest for your online shop.

  • + CPO / CPL based

  • + You can benefit of the complete reach of ad4mat®

  • + Use of standard ad media (728 x 90 | 120 x 600 | 160 x 600 und 300 x 250)

  • + Individual user response

  • + Your ads will be played out with priority

More detailed information about ad4mat ® retargeting concerning issues such as implementation, privacy, etc., we will like to provide on request. Do not hesitate to contact us.