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Top promotions with Zanox advertiser premium conditions

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performance-based ad delivery (tailored to categories and quality criteria)

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participate in profitability and consumer appeal of Zanox network's large advertiser program.

just integrate ad4mat® ads once and immediately profit from up-to-date offers and premium advertiser content.

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ad4mat® helps to increase your ad revenues.

Thank you very much for your interest in cooperating with ad4mat®! Please place your cooperation request using our contact template or give us a call (+49 (0) 30 530 49 669).

Which types of ad media for placement on my sites does ad4mat currently provide? Answer: 360° Top-Promotion Ads, Top Display-Ad Rotation...
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How do I find out the amount of publisher compensation per advertiser program?
Answer: An overview of individual advertiser compensation schemes ...   go to our FAQ
Can I exclude specific advertisers or select individual advertisers on my sites?
Answer: The "ad4mat asisstant" enables you to individually manage your ...   go to our FAQ