advancedSTORE's premium performance network enables you to tap new valuable customer contacts. At the same time, our contextual ad marketing approach ensures your offers only being placed on targeted, fitting ad spaces.
Zanox Advertiser
ad4mat® ad creation

category and publisher management

ad4mat® ad media

performance-based ad delivery (tailored to categories and quality criteria)

Your ad4mat® benefits:

optimized reach

publisher self-administration

high campaign transparency

Thank you very much for your interest in cooperating with ad4mat®! Please place your cooperation request using our contact template or give us a call (+49 (0) 30 914 78 151).

Which types of ad media for placement on my sites does ad4mat® currently provide? Answer: 360° Top-Promotion Ads, Top Display-Ad Rotation...  
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What is the display frequency of my ads on an ad4mat® 360° banner? Answer: According to an algorithm managing ad placement regarding...   go to our FAQ
How can I customize my product offer targeting specific target groups? Answer: ad4mat® enables you to target your offers regarding...   go to our FAQ