Make money with newsletter ads: ad4mat® ad4newsletter

The ad4mat® tool ad4newsletter can be integrated seamless in your newsletter template.

It may be configured individually in several sizes. The ads are generated as complete images. Our update-team keeps content up to date and the ads are operated success-oriented by our OP-Team. With only a few clicks you compile a profitable ad set that will open new options of monetizing your newsletter. Implementation in your newsletter template will work easy, simple and without problems.

  • Easy handling

  • Individual Configuration of the ads

  • Product- or keyword search within the advertisers

  • All Premium -Advertisers available in ad4mat® are selectable

  • Actuality of ads

  • Quick generation of several ads

Performance attributes

The format of the generated Newsletter ad content can be adjusted according to your needs in width, number of columns and also according to the size of an ad. 3 predefined formats are available.

Compatibility with email programs / web services
The generated HTML-code is compatible and was successfully tested in all current email programs / web services.

The ads will always be updated automatically. By using pictures always the whole ad with complete product picture and text will be available.

Link structure
Each link that is used in your ad is individual and cannot be used by anybody else. So an abuse of data is not possible.