Postview technology for advertiser: New: ad4mat 360° WUSIWUG

Postview in the invisible area belongs to the ad4mat 360 WUSIWUG technology of the past!

Currently limited Postview Media coverage only on placements in the immediately visible area of sites, i.e. Placements to ensure at a standard resolution of 1280x1024 without further scrolling an advertising contact.
Media coverage of attractive advertising and others in the middle of the content area, but just not in the visible range, were so far withheld of advertisers or had to be booked at own risk on CPC or TKP.

This changes completely with the ad4mat 360° WUSIWUG Technology!

An advertisement and postview Cookie delivery in advertising placements in the immediately visible area is generated only when visual contact, ie, through user-initiated scrolling to that position of the advertisement. There is a guaranteed advertising service provided.

Compare this technology with an enhanced browsing function: If you are reading a normal magazine, see first when browsing through the ads. With our technology, nothing else happened. Scroll / browse through the website and see only the ads when they reach their actual position. This is really the advertising service provided; the display will be played only when it enters the field of vision. Thus, a direct contact between advertising and the particular viewer is guaranteed.

An advertisement and a Cookie delivery out of sight are excluded. The resolution of the monitor used by the user; will no longer matter.

Check now the WUSIWUG Technology
  • Clear your Cookies
  • Refresh this page and make sure whether something is charged or whether you get a Cookie! (By default, a Zanox advertising tracking Cookie without interference, as well as a site Cookie is set)
  • Scroll to the first advertising in the non-visible range (300x250)
  • Scroll then on to the ads in the Footer (728x90)

Ad 300x250


--- Placeholder, please continue scrolling down! ---

--- Placeholder, please continue scrolling down! ---

--- Placeholder, please continue scrolling down! ---

--- Placeholder, please continue scrolling down! ---

--- Placeholder, please continue scrolling down! ---

Ad 728x90


A fake banner or wrongly-placed banner is not playing any longer any relevant role with our technology. The banner is really played out only when the user activates the appropriate website position through interaction. New additional security for advertiser: Users are informed really a 100% on this ad. For publishers are opening up new advertising opportunities to their CPM campaigns also, high quality increase.